User data deletion

Mobile app "Ido"

Thanks for using ido - Wiseair! We're committed to protecting your privacy and giving you full control over your data.

Want to request deletion of your data? Here's how:

  • Contact us: Send an email to with the subject "Data Deletion Request."

  • Confirm your identity: Include your username or email address associated with your ido - Wiseair account.

  • Request deletion: Request the deletion of your analytics data.

What happens to your data?

When you request data deletion, we delete all analytics data collected through the ido - Wiseair app associated with your account. This data includes information about your app usage, such as the features used and screens viewed.

Data not deleted

We do not store any other personal data.

Data retention period

We do not retain analytics data for a specific period of time. Once you request deletion of your data, we delete it immediately.